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The Torres Omar Jewelers Story

The humble, yet ambitious story of Torres Omar Jewelers begins well before the founding date. In 1960, founding owner, Jose Torres Sr. was traveling through the Midwest to look for work to support his family back in Mexico. After extensive travel and no luck with finding work, he eventually arrived to Chicago. He immediately fell in love with the vastness of the city and began working three different jobs while staying with a distant relative. Jose Sr. was an entrepreneur at heart, and his dream was to start his own business so he could provide for his family and give his kids everything they wanted. After years and years of long workdays, he saved up enough money to start buying jewelry at wholesale value, to sell to friends and family. His clientele quickly began to grow as word spread about his customer service and wide variety of unique products. Jose Sr. focused his efforts on the jewelry business, and after 20 years in Chicago, he was able to accomplish his dream and open his first storefront in Logan Square

Jose Torres Sr. grew Torres Omar Jewelers on the foundations of hard work, integrity, dedication and most importantly, family. Current President and Owner, Jose Torres Jr. also known as “Pepe,” still operates Torres Omar Jewelers in accordance with the values that the company was founded on over 35 years ago. Family­centered philosophies and hard­working mentalities has brought Torres Omar Jewelers where it is today. Whether in­store or online, the customer always comes first. Each piece of jewelry from Torres Omar Jewelers is quality­checked to ensure only the highest quality products for the customer, and an attentive staff is available to take care of any questions or concerns.

Our Team

Current owner and President, Jose Torres Jr., has been a part of the family business since he was a young boy. He began in the back of the shop, where he would polish and steam all the merchandise for the customers. As he grew older, and began learning more about the business, he took on more responsibilities within the store. Eventually, Pepe took over so his dad could retire. Since then, Pepe has operated the business with a commitment to old­fashion family values and close attention to detail, which have been the bedrock to the success of Torres Omar Jewelers. The family­centered values of Torres Omar Jewelers has been the driving force behind all the hard working employees who realize the importance of understanding and catering to each and every customer who come from all walks of life. Our customers will continue to be our most valued asset, and we thank you for believing in Torres Omar Jewelers. Whether a long-time customer or a new one, we welcome and thank you!

Our Services

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep your jewelry looking as good as the day you got it. We can clean any type of jewelery or stones and watches. We also carry and replace batteries for most watches. All of these services are performed while you wait in our showroom.

Custom Designs

Our team of expert jewel craftsmen will help you design a jewel piece that exceeds your expectations. We will guide you in every step of the way. From concept to final production, your total satisfaction is our highest priority. To make an appointment, call us today!

Expert Repair

We always have an expert jewel craftsman on duty in our shop. That means that we can do almost any repairs to watches or jewels. Most of the repairs are performed while you wait or while you browse our huge selection of gold and diamond jewelry in our showroom.

Our customers love us on Yelp.

"Extremely helpful in finding the perfect style at a great price." "This shop offers the best service I've ever seen in a jewelry." "They were fast and friendly to me." "Completely excellent; sized a ring in twenty minutes."
- Xenia A. - Liz C. - Amanda T. - Sasha T. G.

Torres Omar Jewelers

2624 North Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-342-1227

Business Hours
Mon - Sat: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm